Judicial Expertise Institute

· Judicial Expertise Institute offers full-time programs of higher education to individuals enrolled in first higher education university courses:

· ”Judicial and economic expertise” – training of judicial-accounting, financial-economic, tax, evaluation experts and specialists in judicial-technical expertise of documents. The specialization is very relevant due to development of market relations leading to the rapid growth of property-related disputes as growth of crime in the sphere of economy, as well as corruption;

· ”Judicial and economic expertise” – training of linguistic, forensic authorship, phonoscopy and graphology experts, and specialists of judicial–technical expertise of documents crucial for protection of rights and legitimate interests of physical and legal bodies; information security of the state, борьбы extremism, xenophobia and drug crime.

· For more information in English, please visit the About Us section (http://isemgua.ru/about-2/forensic-expertise-department/) at the website of the Institute of Judicial Expertise - http://isemgua.ru